The commission meets the third Thursday of every other month, at 6:00 p.m. in the Community Room, 1st floor of Village Hall. Special meetings may be called as needed. 

Purpose: To recommend policies and programs to enhance the Village's participation in the Sister Cities International Organization and to maintain any relationship the Village might establish with a Sister City. The sole objective of the Commission and the program is to promote goodwill and international understanding. 

Village Staff Contact: Karen Agoranos, (847)818-5333

Seventeen members, a majority of whom shall be Village residents. The Mayor shall serve as an ex-officio member.

Chair Robert Usnik

Vice Chair Denise Rano

Treasurer Greg Bernert

Secretary Patricia Usnik

Communications Christina Haskell


Christine Barr

Evelyn Dorman

Gissele Drpich

Judy McGinnis

Mari Otto

Trustee Colleen E Saccotelli

Gabriel Saintus

Paul Seils

Elizabeth Theiss

Barbara VanArsdale

Steve VanArsdale


Ex Officio Member

Mayor Arlene A Juracek


Staff Liaison

Doreen Jarosz

Karen Agoranos


Gerald Skip Farley

Janice Farley

Irvana Wilks

Rachel Toeppen